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BH Cosmetics Brush Sets photo & review

by mybeautyaddictions


I finally got my first brushes from BH Cosmetics yesterday! I’m always cautious about buying things from brands I don’t know well… But after seeing others rave about them and seeing a sale, I decided to give them a try. I have to say I am pleasantly surprised. These are super soft, pretty and VERY affordable! The first thing I did was wash them yesterday, not a single hair shed! Today they were all clean and dry and ready for their portrait ?
Shipping was incredibly slow, but worth the wait! Glad I gave them a chance!

Here are the ones I got (pictured above):

August 6, 2017 UPDATE:
I’ve had these brushes for a few months now and use them often. They are still performing very well and look and feel just as they did the day they arrived!
Absolutely worth buying!

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