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Ulta Brushes Sale and review

by mybeautyaddictions
Ulta Brushes Sale

Ulta Brushes Sale!❤

Ulta Beauty brushes are on sale for $7 this week!

I bought one a few weeks ago (Powder Brush, pictured above) and I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality and feel of this brush. I paid $20 for it and at $7 this is a great bargain! I will definitely stock up on some of their other brushes.

The other items in my photo are their “Beauty Smarts Makeup Spatulas”, which are designed to get the last bit of product from your makeup containers and get the most out of them, but I actually also use them to stir up lip glosses and other products that have settled in the bottle and can’t be shaken for mixing.

The other item to the left is their “Beauty Smarts Tool and Brush Organizer”, which has been AMAZING for me. It’s super flexible and I put my most used brushes and tools in it, no more hunting for my favourite tools among all the others! Saves me a lot of time (you stick the tool in the pink slots and it stands up straight)
These are definitely some unsung heroes for me from Ulta Beauty.

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