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Pinch Me Free Samples

by mybeautyaddictions
Pinch Me Free Samples
My Pinch Me free samples are here!

I’m so excited about this box of goodies I received from @pinchme for free! ?❤️
I love that they sent a variety of everyday use items for me to try from brands I like.

I am looking forward to trying everything, but especially excited to try the Dove exfoliating body polish because I’m intrigued by the ingredients (crushed macadamia and rice milk) – yes, I like to use on my body things that sound yummy!

How can you get some free samples for yourself?

If you’ve never heard of Pinch Me, they offer free (100% free, no credit card required or anything) samples for you to try just in exchange for your honest opinion. The samples choice goes up once a month on a Tuesday and you can pick your samples.
If you follow me you already know I love sample boxes and trying products, so when you add on top of that the word free, I’m all over it. I had actually never used any of these products before.


So far I have used the Dove Exfoliating Body Polish with crushed macadamia and rice milk, and I absolutely love it!

The exfoliating bits are so fine it doesn’t hurt or feel rough at all, it is very pleasant to use and it totally smoothed out my skin. In addition to that, it didn’t dry my skin out like other body polishes / exfoliators do. I will definitely be buying this!

I have also used the Pacha Soap Co french lavender soap bar – I enjoyed the lavender fragrance (it was not overpowering or too weak, just right for my taste) and I liked that it had lavender bits in it which gave it a more “natural” (or maybe the word I’m looking for is “exotic”) feel. It cleans just fine and it makes me feel good to use products from a company that gives back to those in need. The only drawback for me is that I prefer liquid soap and I’m not much of a soap bar user.

Final thoughts: PinchMe is awesome and free, and it can lead you to discover new products you might love and never would have tried otherwise.

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