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Violet Voss Hashtag palette

by mybeautyaddictions
Violet Voss Hashtag palette
Violet Voss Hashtag palette
Violet Voss Hashtag palette swatches

Violet Voss Hashtag palette closeup

How beautiful is Violet Voss this palette?!

I really wish I could have used it! The way I ended up with this palette was interesting:

I placed an order at Sephora for the Be the Boss palette that was half off for a day, to add to my care package that I sent to my friend who lost her home in the fires.When the Sephora box arrived, it was really light which weirded me out, but it was sealed. When I opened it, the only thing inside was the 2 samples, and no palette! ??

I was devastated because I had already told my friend I had bought the palette for her, and I couldn’t bear bringing her more bad news after she was excited for it. I called Sephora in a panic and they couldn’t re-send it because it was out of stock.However the gentleman on the phone was so caring and understanding, he really empathized with me and said he would replace it with this Hashtag palette instead. He made me feel so much better! I was so relieved that I could still give my friend a Violet Voss palette!

I really wish I could have swatched it because it looks amazing! I hope one day I’ll get to buy a Violet Voss palette for myself and see what all the hype is about

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