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PIXI Natural Beauty & Reflex Light shadow palettes

by mybeautyaddictions
PIXI Natural Beauty Reflex Light shadow palettes
PIXI Natural Beauty & Reflex Light shadow palettes

This photo captures how I’ve been feeling about Pixi Beauty lately, because I’ve been definitely feeling the #pixilove.

Out of these two palettes I immediately was more drawn to Natural Beauty for its cooler neutral tones. But after using them both I’ve been surprised by liking Reflex Light more!

I think as much as both are beautiful, the warmer tones in Reflex Light are just more flattering on me and play better with my brown eyes.

  • I enjoy that the mattes in “Natural Beauty” show up well but are not overpoweringly pigmented – I like to be able to build my mattes without making a monumental mistake if I apply too much from the get-go
  • I wish that “Reflex Light” had some mattes in it, but I don’t mind using mattes from other palettes, and in addition to that I actually experimented with some of the deeper shades here as a crease colour, and they surprisingly did work and finished my look even though they’re not mattes. I guess the fact that they don’t have sparkles in them make them wearable in that manner!
  • The shimmers in both palettes are very pigmented and beautiful, and the only shade I experienced fallout from was “Metal Mauve” (top row center shade from Natural Beauty palette) and this might be due to the fact that palette arrived broken (I pressed it back but it’s still not the same consistency as original). All the other shimmers have performed beautifully and stayed put for me.
  • My absolute favourite shades out of all are “Vintage Gold” & “Brilliant Bronze” from Reflex Light.
  • If you have brown eyes like me and aren’t sure which one to get, I’d personally recommend Reflex Light! But of course, when in doubt, wait for a sale and get both!

Thanks to Pixi for sending me this beautiful package! The more products I try from them, the more I like them as a brand. If you know me, you know I’m honest about my opinions regardless how much I paid or didn’t pay.

If you have never tried anything from them I’d recommend you try their Glow Tonic first because that’s what got me hooked!

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