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June Jacobs Spa Collection review

by mybeautyaddictions
June Jacobs Spa Review
June Jacobs Spa Collection

This collection is very appropriately named, and I definitely feel like I’m at the Spa when I use it!
As you might know, I have dry skin, so I’m picky with skincare, because not everything I try is hydrating enough for me.
So, having never used this brand before, when the team at June Jacobs let me pick 4 products to test, I chose some deeply hydrating, anti-aging goodness.

Here’s what I chose:
  • ($41) Creamy Cranberry Cleanser:
    This is my favourite out of everything! It’s so creamy and gentle I can use it morning and evening, and it doesn’t strip my face at all, unlike other cleansers. It also doesn’t make my eyes sting if I use it to wash my eye makeup off.
    My face never feels tight/dry after using it. It has a very pleasant fragrance and it’s become my top face wash! I will definitely repurchase this.
  • ($38) Elastin Collagen Toner:
    I LOVE using face mists but none of mine had anti-aging properties. This one is made with Vitamin C, Elastin, Collagen, anti-oxidants, Hyaluronic Acid, etc – So not only does it refresh my face, but also fights aging.
  • ($80) Age-Defying Overnight Copper Marine Masque:
    This one was another big hit. I’m picky with sleeping masks, but this one gives me deep hydration and plumps my face. It’s made with potent marine actives, multi minerals, anti-oxidants, and all kinds of good anti-aging ingredients, and my skin always feels great when I wake up in the morning. I am a side sleeper, so I do watch TV for a while and stay up a few minutes to let my skin soak it in before hitting the pillow. I always wake up to great skin the next morning!
  • ($120) Elastin Collagen Serum:
    This is a substantial, thicker serum which makes my face feel plumped the moment I put it on. It has so many anti-aging ingredients that encourage regeneration, and my forehead lines do feel slightly less noticeable after using this. It feels a bit sticky when I first put it on, which I don’t mind because I always follow it with other products and use it mostly at night – But it does absorb and dry down if you give it a couple of minutes. My skin also looks like it’s glowing pretty much instantly, so I walk around the house feeling all glamorous!


June Jacobs Spa Copper Masque

June Jacobs – Age Defying Overnight Copper Marine Masque

Overall, I love this collection. Although it’s on the pricier side I feel like it’s one of those things I would splurge on when I really want to pamper myself and get a luxurious skincare experience, and the sizes do feel generous.

Have you tried June Jacobs yet? Let me know your thoughts!

Thanks for reading my review and I hope you’re all having a great day!

This is a sponsored post – And my experience and opinions are described honestly, exactly like I would in any other post!

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