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Colourpop SSS in “Special Delivery” swatch

by mybeautyaddictions
Colourpop Special Delivery swatch
Colourpop SSS in “Special Delivery”

For #texturetuesday I decided to leave you with a pretty Colourpop shadow. This is one of those colours that does look a bit different depending on the lighting, but I’d describe it as a not-too-strong pastely greenish shade.

I’m the WORST at describing colours, so I’ll just add that it gives me vibes of the Mediterranean Sea, which I grew up by.

Speaking of, I have been having some nostalgia because I used to get super tan going to the beach growing up. So after not tanning for about 17 years, I used a self tanner the other day…

So you might notice my arm looks less pale than usual ?

Special Delivery Swatch
What’s your favourite Super Shock Shadow from Colourpop?
?Have a wonderful Tuesday! ?

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