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R+Co Curl Shampoo & Primer review

by mybeautyaddictions
R+Co Curl shampoo and primer
R+Co Curl Shampoo & Primer review

Sooo I have wavy/curly hair, but I’ve been fighting it most of my life.

A year ago I decided I was tired of fighting so hard every time I wash my hair. So I started using a different brand of curly/wavy hair products and letting my hair do its thing.

At first I was really happy, but after a few months I noticed my hair was thinning and found out it was from the products I was using. This is when these R+Co products came to my rescue.

When they offered me to try these for free, at first I rejected the idea (I don’t mention it much, but I reject a lot of PR if it doesn’t fit my taste/vibe. Recently I even rejected a $400 skincare device). But after realizing my previous hair routine was giving me problems, I decided to accept this opportunity, not knowing what to expect, since my hair was in bad shape already.

R+Co Curl primer

R+Co Curl primer

  • The Casette Curl Shampoo cleans and hydrates my dry waves SO WELL with its Superseed Oil Complex.
  • I use my conditioner afterwards and scrunch my hair with a microfiber towel when I’m out of the shower.
  • Then I use their Twister Curl Primer and scrunch some more, letting it air dry.
  • ✔️The results are really well defined waves and curls with no crunch. Not all curl creams can do this without leaving a waxy or sticky residue. This one does!

I’m already halfway through these and will be repurchasing.

Question of the day: Do you have naturally straight hair, or wavy/curly? And if so, do you straighten it like I used to?

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