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Pixi Beauty Retinol Skintreats review

by mybeautyaddictions
Pixi Beauty Retinol Skintreats review (gifted with no obligation)

I’ve been using this skincare line for several weeks now and I can say with confidence that I love it 👌

  • The Overnight Retinol oil quenches my dry skin nicely after I wash it with the Retinol Jasmine cleanser (you can use any cleanser you love though). It smells beautifully soothing, and releases retinol over time as you sleep (anti-aging benefits). It also has peptides & ceramide – which firm and lock in moisture. If you have dry skin, this is heavenly!
  • The Retinol eye cream comes next in my routine. It’s very lightweight and absorbs quickly so you don’t have it running around your eyes. It has caffeine (which helps depuff) in addition to the retinol and peptides as well.
  • After I let those sit on my face and watch TV, I top it with a light layer of the Retinol Jasmine lotion, and it melds really well together.
  • The jasmine in this line is so relaxing and it really helps me feel ready for bedtime.

This is one of my favourite skincare sets I’ve ever used. For realz! 😂💯
(The have this at @ultabeauty now too if you have a 20% off coupon 😏)

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