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Pixi Beauty +C Vit Collection review

by mybeautyaddictions
Pixi Beauty +C Vit Collection of makeup enhancers (gifted with no obligation)


I have to be honest, I’m usually not a big user of priming products for my face, so when I first received this fabulous gift from Pixi I thought I would not like it. However, I always am willing to try any product and be proven wrong.

And fortunately, this set did just that. For me, having dry skin, priming my face really just means having a very hydrated and smooth base.

  • The Priming Oil is not only cool to look at with its 3 layers, but it nourishes my face and leaves it beautifully smooth and ready for makeup.
  • Then I follow with the Brightening Perfector, which really gives my face a beautiful blurring and illuminating effect. I only apply this to my forehead and cheeks which is where I need it most.
  • The Undereye Brightener is basically a colour corrector which goes nicely under my concealer and helps mask my blue toned veins/circles better than concealer alone.
  • The Lip Brightener is the least “necessary” in this line in my opinion, however it makes applying lipstick to dry lips a much nicer experience without being overly creamy like some lip balms are, which can change the opacity of your lipstick.

✔️Overall, I can’t believe how much I actually love this line. I love Vitamin C for my face because it really helps keep my complexion clear and radiant even without makeup.
I would definitely repurchase at least the Oil and Brightening Perfector.

🙏Thank you to Pixi for gifting me this beautiful package.
❓📷What do you think of my photo? I was trying to go for a moody, dusky look, not sure if I accomplished that!

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