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Too Faced “Born This Way” eyeshadow palette review, swatches

by mybeautyaddictions
Too Faced “Born This Way” eyeshadow palette review, swatches

This is my 2020 love/hate relationship palette. I feel like there’s one like that every year!

  • I absolutely love the colours & design.
  • The mattes don’t have much kickup and are so easy to work with.
  • You can make any look from super natural to super smoky and sparkly with this palette.
  • The shimmers aren’t as soft/buttery as I prefer. Most of them are dry and bitsy. The shade “Sparkling Rum” is the biggest atrocity in this palette. It’s very difficult to pick up and developed hard pan immediately.
  • I haven’t been able to successfully use a brush to apply these shimmers because of how dry they are.

The palette itself is beautifully curated and laid out in a very eye-pleasing way:

Too Faced “Born This Way” eyeshadow palette


Here are some swatches on fair/very light skin. Because the palette is so big, I only swatched the shimmers:

Too Faced “Born This Way” palette swatches

✔️I think this palette is a wonderful addition for anyone who truly enjoys “nude” shades. The final look is always beautiful when I use this, even if the shimmers take a little extra work. I don’t think the quality reflects the $48 retail price, however if purchased on sale like I did, this is a good buy.
❓Do you guys still use neutral palettes or have you moved on from that? I’ll never not love neutrals 😅

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